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Assembly Manuals

We carry a wide selection of automobile Assembly Manuals initially published by Ford and General Motors. G.M. printed them primarily for Chevrolets; none were printed for Cadillacs, and a few were printed for Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs and Buicks. Ford Motor Company printed them for Mustangs and Ford pick up trucks. These manuals contain large diagrams with each separate part identified and labeled.  The diagrams demonstrate how the various automobile parts fit together with exploded views of body and chassis assemblies. Assembly Manuals are instruction manuals initially published by the automobile factory to illustrate the operations required for the final assembly of the vehicle .  They do not include mechanical or engine information. A few examples of Assembly Manual diagrams have been scanned onto this page.

These reproductions use the original assembly plant pages for reproductions.  These pages were used at the plants and in some cases contain dark speckling, blocked out areas and in some rare cases are missing pages or sections. They have been cleaned and processed to provide the best possible reproduction available. If and when better originals appear, these reproductions will be updated.

Each Assembly Manual is arranged in sections corresponding as closely as practicable to the parts groups which generally fit together.  As shown in the scanned items, diagrams keyed to labels and names visually show how the various parts fit together.

Although some parts numbers are given in the Assembly Manual, a Parts Book is needed for a more comprehensive listing of parts numbers. For detailed information on how to maintain and repair an automobile, a Shop Manual would be more useful. There is no mechanical information in an Assembly Manual. For information on how to reassemble your automobile, this is the most helpful book.





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