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Dealer Albums

General Motors sometimes combined their Data Books and Color Upholstery Albums into one publication, known as a Dealer Album. If you have a Chrysler or Ford product, you should look for a separate Data Book and Color Upholstery Album. In some model years, General Motors, like Chrysler and Ford, published its Data Books and Color Upholstery Albums separately. If you are interested in a Dealer Album, you should also check out the Data Book and Color Upholstery pages on this site. 

Dealer Albums, like Data Books and Color Upholstery Albums, are special books which are difficult to find because the car and truck manufacturers usually sold only one Album to a dealership, never distributed them to the general public, and many dealerships failed to preserve them. They are now interesting and unusual collectors items. 

Dealer Albums, like Data Books, usually have illustrations of the various exterior options available in that model year (as in the illustrations above). These are helpful for restoration details or, in the case of a question, as an authoritative source. Like Color/Upholstery albums, they also have a section with actual factory swatches of upholstery and trim fabrics, paint chip samples and pictures of interior upholstery.


We have attempted to put our Dealer Albums for the most requested makes of cars and trucks in our on-line store. However, we have hundreds of other Dealer Albums in our warehouse. If you do not find what you are looking for in our on-line store, you can use our Inquiry Form or e mail or telephone us with your specific inquiry.

We have hundreds of different color/upholstery albums in our warehouse which are not available through our on-line store. If you do not find what you are looking for in the on-line store, please feel free to e mail or telephone us with your SPECIFIC inquiry.


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