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Jeep Automobile Books & Literature - Click here to see a list of Jeep Products

We specialize in automobile brochures and literature, manuals and books printed by Willys Overland, Kaiser Willys, AMC and the Chrysler Corporation  for the purpose of selling or repairing their Jeeps. These are the best publications you can find because the automobile factory itself printed them for your specific jeep with the details and specifics you will want and need. The different kinds of automotive literature published specifically for Jeeps are described below.

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jeep dealer sales brochure

Sales Literature

The various Jeep factories created, designed and published various kinds of Jeep sales brochures and literature to hand out to the general public. These are usually in color, contain large pictures of the various exteriors and interiors available and have a general discussion of options. Sales Literature is useful for restoration details and fun to own, collect or show along with your car. The different kinds of sales literature available include brochures, folders, press releases,sales bulletins, post cards and annual reports.
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jeep parts book number interchange

Parts Books

Willys Overland, Kaiser Willys, AMC and the Mopar Parts Division of the Chrysler Corporation compiled and published large, comprehensive Parts Books that cover only Jeeps. Parts Books have both a text and an illustration section, and cover every single part in your Jeep. They feature blow up illustrations of the part, along with the part name, number and description. Parts illustrations show subassemblies and give a great deal of information for reassembling your Jeep, along with identifying the proper parts for it. Equipped with this book, you will no longer have to put up with parts vendors selling you the wrong part.
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jeep dealer album options accessories

Dealer Albums

Generally, only once a year the various Jeep factories would sell to each of its dealers one Data Book and Color/ Upholstery Album for the Jeeps for that specific model year. These Jeep books, collectively called "Dealer Albums" were never given to the general public.  Moreover, many were thrown out by thoughtless dealers to make space for the next model year. They are therefore rare, hard to find, and true collector's items. The Data Books are usually profusely illustrated with interior, exterior, options and accessory choices. The Color and Upholstery Albums have swatches of the actual upholstery and paint colors available at that time. They also include the code numbers.

jeep owners manual

Owners Manuals

These are the glove box booklets that give consumers basic information about the operation and maintenance of their Jeeps. They give the Jeep owner a general idea  of how to operate the various Jeep features and accessories.
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jeep shop service repair manual

Shop Manuals

Willys Overland, Kaiser Willys, AMC and the Jeep Division of Chrysler designed and printed Shop Manuals (also called Service Manuals or Repair Manuals) with the detail and specifics necessary to effectively maintain and repair their Jeeps. These Manuals contain the most complete information available for Jeeps. There are engine, transmission, drive line, brakes & suspension, electrical, wiring diagrams, exhaust sections and much more. Shop/Service Manuals are essentially "how to fix it" books, with detailed pictures, diagrams, symptoms, tests, etc. If you own a Jeep and want to work on it yourself, this is the only Shop/Service Manual you will need.
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jeep paint chips color sample

Paint Chips

These are actual paint samples showing customers the colors available for their jeeps in that model year. They are usually the size of a large postage stamp and give the color codes along with the color. These are very useful in restoring jeeps, because they help you to find the exact color and code number for your specific model.

dodge cover


Copies of several of the covers on our reproductions. We make every effort to duplicate the original cover of the manual.

We carry a very large inventory of automobile manuals initially published by the factory. Some of these are the original publications, some are reprints of the originals. Some show heavy use and others are new or nearly new. Many of these items are difficult to find and our supply of each item may be limited. Our inventory is therefore highly specialized.

We welcome your email or telephone call. We have been buying and selling automobile books and literature for 25 years! Our experienced staff can answer your questions and give you that personal attention which will help you to find the most useful manual for your automobile. Your order will be shipped to you within 24 hours from our warehouse.