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Plymouth Owners Manuals

The Plymouth Division of Chrysler Corporation published Owners Manuals to give the consumer operating and maintenance instructions for the specific automobile the consumer was buying. These Owners Manuals vary in size, but all fit into the glove box compartment of the automobile. They generally include sections on Operating Instructions (brakes, steering, radio, seats, etc), Instrument Panel ( lights, gauges, signals, clock, wipers, etc.), Maintenance (fuel, oil, cooling system, interior & exterior care, crankcase, etc) and Specifications ( i.d. numbers, dimensions, capacities, etc.). Usually, small diagrams of various components are included. Owners manuals can be interesting automobile literature to collect as well as fun to include in your restored automobile.



plymouth owners manual

Cover of the 1969 Plymouth Fury Owners Manual

plymouth owners manual

Fluid Capacities & Light Bulb page from the 1969 Plymouth Fury Owners Manual

Plymouth Owners Manual

Engine Specifications page from the 1969 Plymouth Fury Owners Manual

We carry a very large inventory of automobile manuals initially published by the factory. Some of these are the original publications, some are reprints of the originals. Some show heavy use and others are new or nearly new. Many of these items are difficult to find and our supply of each item may be limited. Our inventory is therefore highly specialized.

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