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Shop (Service) Manuals

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Our shop manual inventory consists primarily of those discontinued, obsolete and hard to find factory written books which are specific to your auto. We have thousands of different shop manuals , covering automobiles & trucks from 1905 to now.  We carry both factory originals, created by the factory for mechanics and laymen to repair their autos, and reprints of these.  GM, Ford, and Chrysler have licensed us to reprint a number of their shop manuals. Factory originals and reprints of them are more complete, comprehensive and inclusive than other books. These factory manuals contain diagrams ,like those scanned in below , with instructive text telling you how to put the parts together and how to fix numerous possible problems. Chassis volumes cover the mechanical, engine, brakes, suspension, drive line etc.  Body volumes cover windows (crank or electric) convertible top, sheet metal adjustments, etc. Armed with these, you can become an expert .

A very special note about after market shop manuals. They are usually cheap and very frustrating.  Generally, they cover either all makes and models in a specific year (as Ambassador to Zephyr) or a specific make for a large number of years (as 1929-59  Chevrolet).  Compare the approximately 20 pages on your vehicle in an after market publication to the 200 to 2000 pages on the same vehicle in a factory written manual.  Approximately 60% of our shop manual sales have been to frustrated people who tried to do it inexpensively and in desperation switched to one of our factory manuals. 

These automobile factory shop manuals have the most comprehensive and detailed information available for your specific car or truck. They include sections on maintenance and adjustment, repair procedures, component parts replacement and diagnosis. Wiring diagrams are frequently included in the shop manuals. Ford Motor Company, however, published its wiring diagrams separately, and these may be purchased in addition to the shop manuals .





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